America's Cup Larp

The Congress of Vienna, a Live Action Roleplay event at AMERICA's Cup, is scheduled for Friday the 6th of July.

To sign up, email Meredith -, or Robza -, see below for cast list and more details!

The Congress of Vienna

In the wake of Napoleon Bonaparte's disastrous Russian Campaign and subsequent exile to the tiny Mediterranean island of Elba, representatives of the great powers of Europe have gathered together in Vienna to decide the fate of the continent. Brilliant generals, mighty princes and beautiful women dance the night away together - celebrating the long-awaited peace brought by the end of Napoleon's wars. However, all is not as it seems! For there are rumours of a Bonapartist spy, clandestine treaties, illicit love affairs, and all manner of secrets seething beneath the glittering surface of this magnificent occasion...


The Congress of Vienna is a social/political live action game set in 1815. For general costuming, think Regency, Jane Austin style and Napoleonic uniforms and regalia. Many of the characters are royalty of one nationality or another, so this is a great opportunity to go as over the top on fancy costumes as you like. This is not an occasion short of bling - medals, gold braid, feathers - go wild!

(Films to watch for inspiration might be Waterloo, Vanity Fair, War and Peace, Pride and Prejudice, Napoleon, Onegin...)


THE CONGRESS OF VIENNA CAST LIST Austria: 1. The Austrian Chancellor, Prince Clemens von Metternich 2. Count Adam von Neipperg, Austrian general and advisor to the Chancellor 3. The Duchess of Palma, Marie-Louise, former wife of Napoleon I and Empress of the French 4. Lady Julie Zichy, young lady in waiting to Marie-Louise

England: 5. The Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley 6. The Duchess of Wellington, Catherine Wellesley 7. Lord James Hay, diplomatic aide to the Duke

Prussia: 8. The Prussian Prime Minister, Karl August von Hardenberg 9. Lady Alexandra von Humboldt, Hardenburg's mistress 10. King Frederick William of Prussia 11. Wilhelmina de Biron, Duchess of Sagen

France: 12. The French Foreign Minister, Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord 13. Countess Jubille, a Fashionable Lady from Paris

Russia: 14. The Tsar of Russia, Alexander I 15. The Russian Foreign Minister, Count Karl Robert Nesselrode 16. Count Kristopher Lieven, diplomatic aide to Tsar Alexander 17. Countess Dorathea Lieven, wife of Count Lieven

Sweden: 18. The King of Sweden and Norway, Karl XIV Johan, formerly Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, Marshal of France 19. Queen Desideria of Sweden and Norway

Italy: 20. Cardinal Ercole Consalvi, representative of Pope Pius VII 21. The King of Naples, Gioacchino I, formerly Joachim Murat, Marshal of France 22. Queen Caroline of Naples

Spain: 23. Pedro Gomez, Marquis of Labrador, representative of Spain

Switzerland: 24. Countess Chantal Pictet de Rochemont, representative of the canton of Geneva

The Duchy of Warsaw: (Poland) 25. Prince Józef Antoni Poniatowski