2008 AMERICA Committee

2008 AMERICA Committee List

This is an archived list of the members of the AMERICA Committee for 2008.

President - Vice President - Treasurer - Secretary - Live Officer - Tournament Officer - Pseudodragon Editor - Archivist - Web Monkey

Name: Vanya
Role: To be the public face of the club and wear the mantle of leadership for the club
Class: Barbarian (Prone to climbing and jumping off things)
Level: 6
Favoured Enemy: Balconies, Himself

Vice President
Name: Gary
Role: To assist the President and act in their stead when not availible
Class: Rogue
Level: 7
Favoured Enemy: Bacon

Name: Daphne
Role: To keep tabs of the income and expenditure of the club
Class: Arcane Trickster
Level: 4
Favoured Enemy:

Name: Mila
Role: To take minutes and manage the paperwork for the club
Class: Savant
Level: 4
Favoured Enemy:

Live Officer
Name: Peter
Role: To facilitate the writing and running of LARPs for the club
Class: Technomancer
Level: 6
Favoured Enemy: Baguettes

Tournament Officer
Name: Karen, Patrick & Muppet
Role: Organise BattleCry and America's Cup
Class: Wizard, Rogue, Fighter
Level: All level 8
Favoured Enemy: People who complain but do not contribute
Description/Background: When the plan to upgrade to the ASB Stadium was actioned, it was decided that three people would be better than one to accomplish this grand task, and so it came to be.

Pseudodragon Editor
Name: Glenn
Role: To assemble and publish the bi-annual club magazine
Class: Expert
Level: 5
Favoured Enemy: Deadlines

Name: Karen
Role: Store all the books and stuff
Class: Librarian
Level: 7
Favoured Enemy: Book worm

Web Monkey
Name: Gene
Role: Webmonkey
Class: Arcane Mechanik
Level: 4
Favoured Enemy: Bugs/ Insects