2006 AMERICA Committee

2006 AMERICA Committee List

This is an archived list of the members of the AMERICA Committee for 2006.

President - Vice President - Treasurer - Secretary - Live Officer - Tournament Officer - Pseudodragon Editor - Archivist - Web Monkey

Name: Gary Freedman a.k.a. t3hj00 or Gaza
Role: Acting haughty, bossing people around
Class: Spin Doctor
Level: Assumed Epic
Favoured Enemy: Bacon
Description/Background: t3hj00 has been around America for over 2 1/2 years now; and that doesn't look likes it's gonna stop. He apparently is a part-time vampire; also is a Superspy and has surprisingly only gone thru 4 characters in 2 1/2 years... yet I assume that's about to change! He 'plays' magic only enough to know what to sell and how much to overinflate prices... He is t3h pr3z now!

Vice President
Name: Karen Dransfield
Role: Phoning around, organising minions, miles of emails, keeping everything rolling along.
Class: Multi-class jack of all trades
Level: Ancient
Favoured Enemy: Alf's Imperial Army, McGuillicuddy's, Aunt Fanny's... anyone wielding a paper sword.
Description/Background: Been roleplaying ever since I was told it was evil and should stay away from it. Started in Chch, and moved up the country to now work behind the powers that been, contr^#^ I mean helping the clubs grow and prosper... I like larping, like fantasy themed worlds, like lots of "phat loot" !!

Name: James Cooper
Role: Counting the pennies. All of them.
Class: Rogu-- uhhhh, "accountant". I tell you, its Monetary Wizard, but they won't listen to me!
Level: How much money do I have?
Favoured Enemy: Bankruptcy. No wait, that's a phobia in this case.
Description/Background: Oozing and coalescing from the northern pits/suburbs of Auckland, this foul creature of The Chequebook lusts after wealth. He will use all resources/powers at his disposal to ensure the financial prosperity of AMERICA, hoping to enable the organisation to achieve even greater success in its goals.

Name: Glenn Patel
Role: No one has told me yet, but I think it involves taking notes... I must be taking AMERICA 101.
Class: Chameleon. I mean Rogue. I mean Secretary. I mean... what was the question?
Level: 1 for determing XP, 20 for bragging. It's, uh, a class feature.
Favoured Enemy: Card Players
Description/Background: In their time of greatest crisis, AMERICA cried out for a secretary, after their last was struck down by the foul beast R'''e'eL'Li'''FE. One lone figure stepped forward.

Live Officer
Name: Danielle Lander
Role: Forcing people into costumes and making them dance. DANCE.
Class: Gangster
Level: Unknown
Favoured Enemy: The '50's.

Tournament Officer
Name: Patrick Cummuskey
Role: Acquiring minions willing to give up their weekends for the sake of BattleCry and America's Cup.
Class: Scoundrel
Level: Unknown
Favoured Enemy: Short coats.
Description/Background: Patrick is a unassuming figure in the chaos that is the AMERICA club, but being a student of psychology, is actually taking in everything about the people he meets. Knowledge is Power after all...

Psuedodragon Editor
Name: Rowena Knill
Role: Finding excuses to use tentacles.
Class: Tentacle
Level: So what level is Cthulhu?
Favoured Enemy: Things not tentacles.

Name: Cameron Burns
Role: Snuffling amongst the dusty old books, adjusting glasses, lugging books, avoiding work where ever possible.
Class: Librarian.
Level: Unknown
Description/Background: Long serving student. Now if only his time as a student had got him anywhere....

Web Monkey
Name: Gene Rugg
Role: Hooting, coding, eating bananas.
Class: Primate
Level: Unknown
Favoured Enemy: Fleas.
Description/Background: Found strapped to a cyberdeck in the Westlands, Gene became a intellegent familiar to several powerful figures in American history. Fueled by technology, passion, and alot of banana cake, he can be found lurking about in gathering places making sure that the plans of the Masters are followed through.