AMERICA Spendings 2005/2006

AMERICA Spendings

I apologize for the out-dated-ness of this page, and hope to have the full current details up very soon.


New laminating sleeves for membership cards for the year were purchased at a total cost of $20.


A grand total of $1,138.04 was spent on Battlecry. A total of $2634 (including a $761 payment received from AUSA as a grant) was received in February, all of it related to Battlecry.


In January we were billed $28.22 for photocopying by AUSA. We also paid out $1949 in total to the Auckland City Council and Carlton Hire, for hirage of the Battlecry venue and extra trestle tables for use at Battlecry. A total of $685 was taken in for Battlecry pre-registrations.


The only expenditure in December was the $200 bond on Freeman's Bay.


We had no material expenditures in the month of November. I'm expecting that in December we'll be paying at least the $200 bond for the hire of Freeman's Bay Community Centre for Battlecry 2006.


We had two material expenditures in October: The $225 we paid for the hire of Pog Mahones for the 1930's LARP, which I believe we recouped the cost of from the ticket sales. And $85.89 for a year's worth of Website Hosting. The cash we banked from the 1930's LARP was $250.40, meaning we made a cash profit of $25.40.


No material expenditures for the month.


There was one expenditure in the total month, that being $7.80 for the website hosting.

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