Website Information

This current website came into being in 2005 and on it you should be able to find most of the pertinent information regarding the AMERICA club and its activities.

Currently I am administering it, so contact me if you see anything amiss. I will be teaching the committee how to use, and progressivly adding info for the club so that they can use it.

So far, so good. The first user is up and running, and posting, editing and commenting already. The standard had been set, and guidlines for posting (and some form of cheat sheets are pending).

I have setup user accounts for all of the committee. I have requested that each make a comment to this post (or to one of my comments, but not another committee member comment) and then I will show them how to edit, and create, pages.

Pages pending to be created:

  • RP Games/ BC - Tournament officer
  • Live games - Live officer
  • Library System - Achivist
  • Club Magizine - PsuedoDragon officer
  • Contacts page - VP
  • Website wishlist - WebMonkey
  • Sponsoring Business and Discounts - Prez
  • America Sponsored Games - ???

Please note that the old website is down, and not coming back. We do have access to it via the">WebArchive community


good day

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*waves* hi there, cool website :)


The site

Good work Gene. Looking very good!

Note about comments

Yes, currently anyone logged in can leave comments on these pages.

Should be interesting - we want your feedback - be harsh ;)


Ok, so show me web master how to do stuff... I so want to fix the spelling mistakes and grammar problems... Can I also add a "other gaming clubs in Auckland/NZ" links page? When I've got my calendar up and running to my satisfaction I can add a link to that too.

Oooh... Can I be the first one to say 'test' in 2006?

Can I? Huh?


- John

Sig? We don't need no steeenking sig!

Testing secondary user

Testing secondary user accounts for look feel and function. Confirmed functionality.


Just a test

Looks good

Looks good

Excellent work all

Looking good people. I think we've got a good starting point here :)


Testing, testing, one-two-three.

"I saw the angel in the marble, and carved until I set him free." - Michelangelo.


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Just testing that I'm

Just testing that I'm working and good
so sayeth t3hj00


Good to keep going.