Committee - The Club Constitution

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America: Auckland University Roleplaying Group

Constitution / 2006


  1. AMERICA stands for “Academy of Middle Earth Role Playing and Individual Character Assimilation.”

  2. AMERICA Is the Auckland University Roleplaying and Gaming Club.

Aims of the Club

  1. AMERICA Aims to provide its members with the best Roleplaying and Gaming experiences possible through the mediums of Tuesday night games, regular evening events and the “America’s Cup” and “Battlecry” conventions.
  2. AMERICA Aims to provide space for gamers, in particular roleplaying, on campus otherwise unable to play.
  3. AMERICA Aims to organise Live Roleplaying events for club members during the year, and at the "America's Cup" and "Battlecry" conventions.*


  1. AMERICA and her members undertake to abide by the Constitution and regulations of AUSA, especially rules 43-48 of the AUSA Constitution.

    b. Any term or condition imposed on the Club by an AUSA General Meeting, or by an SRC or by the AUSA Executive shall be binding on the Club.


  1. Membership of AMERICA shall be open to all University of Auckland Students who pay the Club membership fee. Membership shall also be open to any others who so pay at the discretion of the committee

  2. The annual membership fee which is payable by each member shall be ratified at the AMERICA AGM.

  3. At a General Meeting AMERICA may elect any member to Honorary Life Membership of the Society.

Cessation of Membership

  1. All financial memberships shall lapse at the end of the financial year.

  2. Any member may cease his/her membership by writing to the secretary of AMERICA.

  3. The committee of AMERICA may expel a member from AMERICA if s/he contravenes the rules of the club.

  4. Cessation of membership does not relieve a member from liability incurred prior to him/her ceasing to be a member.

Officers and Committee

  1. The Officers of AMERICA shall consist of the President, Secretary, and Treasurer, collectively to be known as the executive of AMERICA.

  2. The committee shall be comprised of the Executive as well as a Vice President, Gaming Officer, Pseudodragon Editor, Live Roleplaying Officer and Conventions Officer.

  3. The Librarian and Web Monkey shall act as officers outside the committee, without the usual powers thereof.

  4. The committee has full powers to deal with matters relating to AMERICA except where control is vested in a General Meeting as outlined in this Constitution.

  5. The committee may prepare rules on AMERICA matters and impose penalties for failure to comply with these rules. These rules and penalties shall be binding on members of AMERICA.

Role of the Officers and Committee

  1. The role of the President is to act as Chairperson of AMERICA and to ensure that all tasks assigned to other members of the committee are achieved. The President shall also be responsible for the organisation of general club sponsorship.

  2. The role of the Treasurer shall be to ensure that the financial records of AMERICA remain a true and correct record, and to ensure that such records are available for inspection by a member of AMERICA at any time.

  3. The role of Secretary shall be to keep full and accurate notes of all meetings of AMERICA or the committee thereof and to ensure that these notes are available for inspection by a member of AMERICA at any time.

  4. The role of the Vice President shall be to ensure that the President is covered in all absences and that the club is contacted by phone for all events.

  5. The role of the Gaming Officer shall be to ensure that activities for Wargaming, Cardgaming and Boardgaming members of the club are held with regularity. Such events shall occur no less than twice yearly.

  6. The role of the Pseudodragon Editor is to release issues of the AMERICA magazine, “Pseudodragon” at least once for every General Meeting and more often if input allows. It is also the responsibility of the Editor to arrange sponsorship of the magazine and advertising therein.

  7. The role of the Live Officer shall be to organise no less than three live games every year, one as an introductory at the beginning of the year and one for each of the two AMERICA conventions. The live officer shall also be responsible for ensuring that live games occur at least every 2 months throughout the year.

  8. The role of the Conventions officer shall be to organise, procure sponsorship for, advertise and run the “AMERICA’s Cup” and “Battlecry” Tournaments.

  9. The role of the Librarian shall be to hold secure and organise the loaning of the resources of the AMERICA library.

    1. The role of the Web Monkey shall be to ensure that the AMERICA website and mailing list are maintained to the satisfaction of the committee.


a. The committee shall meet as it deems necessary. Any two members of the committee may call a meeting.

b. In the absence of the Chairperson a member of the committee shall be appointed to Chair the meeting.

c. The quorum for a committee meeting shall be one more than half the total number of committee members.

Any business that is conducted at an inquorate meeting shall be null and void.

d. Reasonable notice of all committee meetings shall be given to all members of the committee.

e. The committee may grant any person the right to speak, but not to vote at a committee meeting.

f. Minutes shall be kept as a true and accurate account of all committee and general meetings.


a. Elections shall occur at the Annual General Meeting of the Club, or at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose. If a casual vacancy occurs on the committee, the committee may appoint a member of the Club to fill the vacancy until it is possible to hold an election at a General Meeting.

b. The procedure for Elections at a General Meeting shall be as follows:

  i. Every candidate shall be nominated and seconded at the meeting.  Nominations may be received by the Secretary before the meeting;  these are to be signed by the candidate, the nominator and the seconder.

  ii. No person may be nominated for a position against his/her will.

  iii. If there are no more candidates for a position than there are vacant positions, scrutineers shall be appointed and a secret ballot held.

  iv. The candidate receiving the most votes shall be declared elected to the position.  In the event of a tied vote a second ballot shall be held.  If the votes are still equal, the Chairperson shall exercise a casting vote in addition to her/his deliberative vote. 


a. At a General Meeting of the Club any paid up member has the power of voting, moving and seconding.

b. Every paid up member of the Club shall have one vote on any motion at a General Meeting, but only if they are present when the vote is taken.

c. Except for Election voting, voting at a General Meeting shall normally be made by a show of hands.

d. At any General Meeting, if a motion requesting a secret ballot is passed by a two thirds majority, a secret ballot shall be held.

e. The quorum for a General Meeting shall be one third members of the Club and any business transacted while the meeting is inquorate shall be null and void.**

f. Annual General Meetings (AGM)

  i. The AGM shall be held anytime from between two weeks before and up until two weeks after, Mid Second Semester Break.  

  ii. The Secretary shall post notice of the AGM on the AUSA and Club noticeboards 14 days before the meeting. 

  iii. The Secretary shall endeavour to notify all paid up members of the AGM at least 14 days before the meeting. 

  iv. The Secretary shall post on the AUSA noticeboard any notices of motion that she/he receives.  Notice of motion may only be received up to 7 days prior to the meeting. 

  v. The Secretary shall give the CDO at least 14 days notice of the AGM and copies of the Minutes and reports from the AGM within 7 days after it. 

  vi. The President/Chairperson shall present a written Annual report on the proceedings of the previous year to the AGM. 

  vii. The Secretary shall present a written Annual report on the proceedings of the previous year to the AGM. 

  viii. The AGM shall receive an audited account of the previous year from the Treasurer along with his/her Annual Report. 

  ix. The AGM shall elect its Office holders and Committee members for the proceeding year. Within 7 days, AUSA must be notified of the new Executive by sighing and handing in appropriate forms to the CDO. 

  x. At an AGM a motion may be put verbally and resolved by the meeting, except where notice of motion is required by this Constitution (ie. for a Constitutional amendment or to dissolve the Club). 

g. Special General Meetings (SGM)

  i. The committee may call an SGM at any time and for any purpose providing that 14 days notice of the meeting is given on the AUSA and Club's noticeboards; and that the CDO is notified in writing. 

  ii. The committee shall call an SGM within 21 days of receiving a written request signed by a quarter of the paid up members of the Club.  If the committee does not give notice of such a meeting within 14 days of receiving the request, the requisitioners may call the meeting providing that 14 days notice is given on the AUSA and Club noticeboards; and that the CDO is notified in writing. 

      iii. SGMs may only resolve matters of which the Club Secretary has been given 7 days notice in writing.  Amendments to these motions do not require such written notice. 

      iv. Written notices of motion shall be posted on the AUSA and Club noticeboards by the Secretary. 

h. Amendments to this Constitution

      i. Any part of this Constitution may be amended at any General Meeting and shall take effect immediately after their ratification of the amendments by the AUSA Cultural Affairs Officer or Societies Representative or the Sports Officer.** 


a. The funds and resources of the Club shall be controlled by the committee, subject to any controls placed upon them by a General Meeting. These resources (especially capital purchases) shall be housed in AUSA buildings or AUSA approved storage areas. The CDO must be apprised of the whereabouts of these resources at all times.

b. The committee shall appoint at least 2 signatories, one of whom shall be the Treasurer. Any 2 of these signatories may operate the bank accounts of the Club on the instructions of the committee.

c. The Treasurer shall keep a true and accurate record of the funds and assets of the Club and shall prepare a financial report for auditing and presentation at the AGM.

d. The AUSA Treasurer and/or Assistant Accountant shall at all times be permitted to inspect books, papers and accounts of the Club and the Assistant Accountant shall be deemed to be the auditor of the Club. However, the Club may elect another auditor at a General Meeting subject to the approval of the AUSA Treasurer and/or Assistant Accountant.

e. The AUSA Treasurer and Assistant Accountant shall be furnished with a copy of a statement of accounts since the previous AGM for the preceding year, no later than 6 weeks after the start of the University year.

  1. The Club shall not involve the AUSA in any monetary loss and in the event of such a loss being sustained, the Club shall reimburse AUSA the full amount of the loss.

  2. As signatories we are aware that should the club not be able to meet its debts in the first instance, we will be held personally liable (jointly and separately)

  3. The signatories shall pay or reimburse AUSA without limitation for all costs and expenses incurred by AUSA in instructing a Solicitor and/or debt-collecting agency to recover any amount payable to AUSA by the Club/Society.

  4. Should the club cease to operate all club assets and monies shall revert to AUSA

  5. All clubs are required to deposit their subscriptions into the AUSA club account unless approval not to has been granted by the AUSA.

  6. All clubs are required to maintain a credit balance at all times in their debtor’s account.

  7. Accounts with Credit balance will be paid interest at the end of each month.

  8. Accounts with monies owing will be charged interest.

    1. Charges to Club debtors account shall be withheld if the club fails to re-affiliate or has monies owing to AUSA.

    2. I/We authorise AUSA to furnish to any third party details of this application and any subsequent dealings that I/We have with you as a result of this application being actioned by you.


a. The Club shall not hold functions simultaneously with an AUSA General Meeting.


a. The Club may be dissolved by a resolution passed by a two-thirds majority at a General Meeting of the Club provided that written notice of motion has been given.

b. If a quorum cannot be obtained at 4 successive General Meetings, the Club will be deemed to be dissolved.

  1. In the event that the club ceases to operate as a student club, affiliated to the Auckland University Students' Association Inc ("AUSA"), all property, including but not limited to money in bank accounts, shall revert to AUSA to be held in trust for a student activity purpose deemed by the AUSA Executive to be consistent with the objectives of the club. The AUSA shall hold the funds and assets in trust for the benefit of a Club or society thereafter formed which has, in the opinion of the AUSA, similar aims and objectives to those of the Club. Or AUSA will dispose of these assets as it sees fit.

  2. Before the club is affiliated, the Executive of the club must appoint sufficient AUSA office-holder signatories to operate any external bank account held by the club provided that AUSA would only exercise its powers over the club accounts if the club ceased to function on campus and there was no remaining contact person within the club to close its bank account.

    Of the AUSA signatories at least one shall be the President of AUSA and another shall be the Association Secretary.


a. The committee (subject to the SRC) has the final interpretation on any matter relating to these rules, provided that any paid up member who disagrees with the committee's ruling has the right of appeal to the SRC

b. These rules shall be in all respects subject to the Constitution of AUSA and any relevant regulations adopted by the SRC and shall be null and void to the extent of their conflict with such.

*America Supported Live Action Roleplaying.

America Supported Live Games can expect to receive:

1: Printing and related costs reimbursed on presentation of relevant receipts to the America Treasurer.

2: Bookings at the University under the America name for space required for the game.

3: Free advertising in America publications, mail groups and club organised ring-arounds.

4: Costs for props and other game related support material which have been approved by the America committee on presentation of relevant receipts to the America Treasurer. The amount to be reimbursed to directly relate to the percentage of current America members in the game.

5: Costs relating to venue, catering etc for special events which have been approved by the America committee, such events not to be supported more than twice yearly on the presentation of relevant receipts to the America Treasurer. The amount to be reimbursed to directly relate to the percentage of current America members in the game.

America expects America Supported Live Games to:

1: Be open to all current America members. Personal disputes should be dealt with outside the aegis of club issues and serious misconduct should be dealt with by the committee.

2: Be free or have discounted entry for America members.

3: Be run at a venue which is easily accessible to all America members, preferably in a club booked venue.

4: Have a majority of players in the game current America members, at the discretion of the committee.

5: Have an America member as the head Storyteller/GM/Organiser. They also have to supply the club with information relating to the game when requested and be able to report to the club at meetings relating to the use of club funds and related outcomes. Alterations

a. **A two-thirds majority of the club shall be required to amend the constitution.