Club Nights

AMERICA runs two Club nights every week, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Getting involved is simple. Turning up on the night, or emailing will work equally well. Checking our Facebook page for up to date information is also a good plan.

Club Night

6:30pm to 10pm
Officially called Club Night, Tuesdays are the day which our main staple, tabletop roleplaying games, are run. They are usually held at the Commerce A building rooms at the University of Auckland every Tuesday.

We tend to have several campaign games running during the month, and new members are always welcome - just mention to the crowds that you are out of a game, they will either snap you up quick smart, or refer you to Kemys, the President whose duty it is to merge gamers with games.

Gaming typically starts at seven going till ten, although people meet up at the Alcove all times for the day. This is obviously sometimes effected by university hours, but we are on good terms with management and clean up after ourselves.

Boardgaming Night

7pm until 10pm Every Wednesday in a room in Commerce A building, we run a very social event where people play boardgames and Card Games of all sorts. Our main goal for this night is to provide a space where people can socialise and enjoy gaming. The format is very open, with people bringing their own games from home. You are able to try new games, and to play with new people, so show up and have fun!