BattleCry 2006

When and Where

February 11th & 12th, 2006 Freeman's Bay Convention Centre

The doors be open and registration begin at 8.30am. Tournaments will kick off at 9am (Thats the plan at least).

How much?

Cost is $25 for two days of gaming, or $15 for just a single day. You will receive $5 off if you pre-register by completing a pre-registration form found in a Battlecry flyer (found at most local gaming stores) and sending it in to us.

Whats On?

Both two-day and one-day costs include the option of taking part in the Live-Action Roleplay scheduled for the Saturday evening (even if you pay for taking part on the Sunday). For just taking part in the LARP the cost is a flat $5.


There is some free accomodation available for overnight stays.

There will be all sorts of stalls ranging from gaming stores, NZ comic artists, Auckland gaming clubs and even one where you can see a monster larp costume being created. Come support the Auckland Gaming community.

There will be a mini-shop available through the day for drinks, pies and other munchies.