BattleCry 2005

The Games have been reborn

Teaser for BattleCry 2005 BattleCry 2005 as held during 19th and 20th of February, 2005, at the Freemans Bay Community Centre in Auckland. This was the first time we had used the venue.">photos

Teaser for BattleCry 2005">This gallery has the most photos and interesting material from the weekend. We also had an">advertising teaser and an">official invite poster that was emailed and used asposters

The tournaments we held that year were:
* Flames of War (organised by Jason Farley from America)
* Warhammer 40K (organised by Regan Francis and Troy O’Dea from CityGuard)
* 25mm DBM Ancients/Medieval Doubles (organised by Andrew Bennetts from AWC)
* Bloodbowl (organised by James Hills from the Bloodbowl Federation)
* Magic CCG (organised by James White from GamePlayer)
* Jyhad CCG (organised by Kirsten Goodall and Andrew Young)
* DnD Miniatures (organised by James White from GamePlayer)
* StarWars CCG (organised by ??)
* Roleplaying Tournament (organised by Patrick Cummuskey from America)

Battlecry 2005 shirt logo

The Saturday night live game, based on Mage, was hosted by Chris Hoggins, Jason Farley and Kirsten Goodall.">photos

On Saturday during the lunch break there was a mini Mordavia Live Game organised, which ended up taking the afternoon to complete.">info

There was a pacifist papersword battle on the Sunday during the lunch break between the Waikato Dragoons, the Auckland Uni Kaos group and enlisted rabble.">photos

There were stalls from Vagabonds, Urban Warfare and King of Cards.

Here is a review from one of the Wellington visitors.">here