America's Cup 2010


July 10th & 11th, 2010


Commerce A Building - Auckland University City Campus

The Event

The cost will be $15 for one day, $25 for two days (both include the LARP cost), or $5 for just the evening Larp. All current America members get a $5 discount from the one and two day prices.

Doors open at 8am for registrations and the first session begins at 9.00am.

The event will consist of four systemless games (two each day), a live-action game on the Saturday night (the 10th), and a group dinner/prizegiving at Nando’s on the Sunday following the conclusion of gaming.

There are some great prizes up for grabs including Best of Session Prize. To be eligible for the grand prize of The America’s Cup you need to compete in at least 3 of the 4 systemless games over the weekend.


Live Action Roleplay: -------------------- (CANCELLED)

Starts approx. 7pm on the Saturday night

Title: The Congress of Vienna

GM: Meredith Lalande

Players: 20

Costuming Requirements: Jane Austen era. Preferably empire-line dresses for the women, coats and cravats for the men (unless otherwise specified).

System: None/TBC

After Napoleon Bonaparte's defeat in the snows of Russia and subsequent abdication and exile to the island of Elba, the great powers gather together in Vienna to decide the fate of Europe. Or, in the words of the British satirist Gilray, "to carve up the cake". England, Austria, Russia, and Prussia all demand their slice. France too, under its new Bourbon ruler, Louis XVII, is determined not to be excluded. However, outside of the official discussions, one hears rumours of secret alliances, love-affairs, and Bonapartist spies. With the air so heavy with champagne and intrigue, who knows how the evening will end?

Contact: Meredith (


Systemless Roleplaying Games

Saturday (9.00am - 12.30pm): Disaster on Trinity
The stakes are high, but the mission should be easy. Take the Excalibur, new flag ship of the proud human fleet, to Trinity. There help negotiate peace between two planets that have been at war for centuries.

With the political and economic future of Earth in the balance, what could possibly go wrong?

(2pm - 5.30pm): The Lands of BattleLore*
In a world of war where the world needs heroes and quests for said heroes, be the hero on the epic quest to save the world.

*@2010 Storm Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. ...

Sunday (9.00am - 12.30pm): In Fields of Gold
It's 1520 and King Henry VIII and King Francis I have gathered near Calais to negotiate a treaty between England and France. There will be jousts and processions, masques, balls, banquets, sporting events, and even fireworks. It will be huge and grand and last several weeks. Hopefully they will remember the little people in their negotiations, afterall wars affects everyone... even the mice.

(2pm - 5.30pm): The Mystery of the Missing Violin
Sherlock Holmes is a very clever man. When people have strange, difficult problems, they come to him. With his devoted Dr Watson, Holmes emerges from his smoke-filled rooms in Baker Street to grapple with the forces of treachery, intrigue and evil. But what happens when he has more than one case dropped in his lap?


RPGA Sanctioned Games

Alongside the systemless games the local RPGA GM's will be running a range of new 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons RPGA games for those interested. There will be a range of games and you can bring along your current RPGA characters, or create a new one to play over the weekend. All ages can play these games. A special stream of games will run for the younger players as well. Ask Karen for more details.

For more details talk to Benjamin or Karen on club nights, or email us on