America's Cup 2007

America's Cup 2007

July 7th and 8th

The venue for this event is the Commerce A Building of Auckland University.

The cost will be $15 for one day, $25 for two days (both include the LARP cost), or $5 for just the evening Larp. All current America members get a $5 discount from the one and two day prices.

Doors open at 9am for registrations and the first session begins at 9.30am.

The event will consist of four systemless games (two each day), a live-action game on the Saturday night, and a group dinner/prizegiving at Nando's on the Sunday following the conclusion of gaming.

There are some great prizes up for grabs including Best of Session Prize. To be eligible for the grand prize of The America's Cup you need to compete in at least 3 of the 4 systemless games over the weekend.

Systemless Roleplaying Games


  • (9.30am - 1pm): Mumford Hall. It is Halloween, at Harry Mumford Hall, Minnesota University. It is a cold night in October, a light snow has been falling for several days. It's a Thursday night - the University will be closed for 4 days starting Saturday for the State Fair. There is a party on the 3rd floor tonight...

  • (2pm - 5.30pm): (something with action and Matrix-y)


  • (9.30am - 1pm): Professor Killjoy's Museum of the Strange & Unusual. It's Halloween and some teenagers have gone on a dare to go explore the abondoned museum on the edge of town...

  • (2pm - 5.30pm): (something with super villains)

Live Action Roleplay - Starts approx. 7pm on the Saturday

What would you do, if there were too many puzzles to fit all of the pieces in? When a catastrophic event sends your life into a realm where there are more answers than questions, how would you cope?

Troubles rise to the surface, people show too many colours to wear, trust only comes in bottled form, and your life was so comfortably routine till the advent of this horrible DISASTER.

Watch here for more details...

New - just added

RPGA Event

At the same time as America's Cup, and at the same venue, we will be running a RPGA 2 day gaming event also. Same price for entry into these games.

There will be a number of sanctioned RPGA games on offer, and if you wish to take part in any of these games, drop me an email asap.

More details to come...

=> For booking places in the games, please contact Karen.