America's Cup 2006

America's Cup for 2006 was held on the 15th & 16th of July.

The venue for this event is the Commerce A Building of Auckland University.

Doors open at 9am for registrations and the first session begins at 9.30am.

The event will consist of four systemless games (two each day), a live-action game on the Saturday night, and a group dinner/prizegiving at Nando's on the Sunday following the conclusion of gaming.

Systemless Roleplaying Games


  • 1984 Part Deux? (9.30am - 1pm): Based off George Orwell's 1984, and thats about all I can say.

  • The Rockstars (2pm - 5.30pm): This game will follow the highs and lows of a rock band as they seek fame and fortune with their music.


  • The Celestine Derelict (9.30am - 1pm): On the fringes of inhabited space a liner that has been lost for several hundred years has been rediscovered by the crew of a small salvage corvette. This could be just the haul that they are looking for to turn their fortunes around.

  • Strangers united in Amnesia? (2pm - 5.30pm): A game with white room-esque elements in which characters struggle to work out where they are and why.

Live Action Roleplay - Starts approx. 7pm on the Saturday

In the not-too distant future of 2011, the world is still subject to wars in the middle-east, famine in ethiopia, plagues in the Congo, and death everywhere as per usual.

Players who wish to take part in this game will be assigned a variety of everyday characters and then put into a semi-immersive environment (locations in this LARP will correspond far more closely with the locations in game than in other LARPs) in which they will be required to interact with each other and objects in the environment.

=> For booking places in the game, please contact Patrick on [the mailing list]


And there will be a room

And there will be a room with the RPGA players if you wish to choose one of their DnD games in a session.

There will be prizes for the systemless games and different prizes for the RPGA sessions. More details to come.